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Is Your Wink Pink?

We have received many testimonials from satisfied customers. Here is a small sample. Send us yours.

"I'm Latin and my private area was darker than my general body and when I used this bleach cream it was the most thankful thing that ever happen to me. My sex life is better and my private area looks more pink and it makes my man want me more. So girls! buy this bleach cream.... it really works.... I love it and will buy it again and again.... love you guys." ---- Jennifer

"Just wanted to let you know I was really happy with your lightning gel! I was actually a little sceptical that it would have gentle ingredients AND work, but I'm obviously really happy that it did! Thanks also for being so discreet with your packaging." ---- Robyn

"I'm Asian & I have olive skin. My skin 'down there' is (rather, WAS) very dark & also a little yellow (eep!). Someone recommended South Beach Lightening Gel & she was right... it works! There are a few things I love about this product. Firstly, it has natural ingredients... other products have harsh chemicals that are banned in some countries because the chemical has been linked to cancer. Secondly, SB customer service is top notch. And finally, my husband thinks I'm naturally hot! (*winks*)... Thanks so much SB Team ---- Amara  :)"


"My friend used it before and saw a dramatic changes, she loved it and strongly recommended it to me." ---- Sarah

"Amazing I love it!" ---- Tabitha

"I bought the lighten gel and applied it on my underarm a week ago. Now I am happy to see that it really works and the skin on my underarm started to get whiter." ---- Tran

"Thank you!  Your skin lightening gel is the best!  Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina look brand new!!  And the soothing lotion has eliminated ingrown hairs after waxing!  Thanks!" ---- Christopher

"Thank you very much.  The bleaching cream has removed all but a few spots on my face and I want to start on my hands then chest.  GREAT product!" ---- Janice

"Thank you for a product that is safe and actually works!" ---- Tyler

"Your product is great!!!!!!!!!!! This is the third time I order and I am really seeing nice results." ---- Guillermo

"Excellent!" ---- Prin

"Returning customer. I noticed the difference!! Thank you!" ---- Sonia

"This product is great.  I thought there was no hope for the discolorations i have down there but this actually worked.  and it was so easy and no irritations.  I am coming back for more. Thanks so much." ---- Tanya

"My girlfriend and I had been noticing some strange discoloration on our more intimate areas. We tried your skin solution and it worked!! It has enhanced our sex life immensely and has strengthened our friendship. Thank you south beach!" ---- Vallery

"I would like to say Thank you!!  I am very Happy with the Lightening Gel, works very well. For long time I was looking something like this and I am lucky to find your product. My skin looks  much better and I am using the product only for 7 days and feel very happy. i will re-order this product soon. Thank you very much!!" ---- Carlos

"I wanted to let you know that I bought the lightening gel for my private area. It really works and It looks good." ---- Marlene


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